By Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park (other events)

20 Dates Through Nov 01, 2014

Haunted Hills Estate - 2014

3 Interactive Haunted Adventures - 2 hours of entertainment!

  • The Challenge Trail - Gypsy Travelers...  8 challenges along the haunted trail - The Gypsy Caravan has brought their famiy to the dark woods.  Do you have what it takes to make it through and pass the challenges.  We will scare your taste buds, introduce you to the gypsy witch, stagger you through a laser maze, drop you down a tunnel, creep you through a cemetery, dance you to the Tavern, pop you through the carnival, and then let you lose, to fend for yourself!  If you make it to the end, we invite you on a moonlight hayride. 
  • Legends - 13 Patients!  You will venture through a haunted barn that is inhabited by 13 tortured patients who will try to steal everything you have, including your soul...  Immersed in darkness, you are being drawn in, drowned in slumbering evil, there is no escape!
  • NEW !  The Slaughterhouse - The USDA has closed this fine establishment.  Reports indicate they found human parts in the meats and products. The employees have reopened it for you to tour.   The deli is open and you may sample the meats.  Barf bags are available upon request.  Caution is advised for there are barrels of unknown substances and scattered bones.  Visit the employee break area were they met after they were done carving and butchering.  The dark decayed rooms are grotesque that only a pig would love.  There is a Pig waiting to cut with a chase!

Mailing Address

236 Rolling Hills Estate Road, Uniontown, PA 15401