Haunted Hills Estate - 2015

By Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park (other events)

21 Dates Through Nov 07, 2015

The Challenge Trail - UNDEAD...

Tread the dark path and fight to stay alive.  The survivors you encounter will test your "survivor" skills.  There are 8 challenges along the one hour trail and ends in a hayride.  The UNDERTAKER, a grotesque and horrifying soul, has summoned the departed.  The departed are now undead and clawing their way out of the graves and seeking warm bodies!  Dodge them if you can!


They simply bought an object from the old Estate Auction.  Slowly they changed.  We tried seclusion, medication, shock therapy, and exorcism, none worked.  Presently we have hired a world known Medium in to try to communicate to the possessed individuals to try to destroy the controller.  Cautiously navigate through the 25 rooms and try to figure out how to help the possessed.  Medium, Crimson Crow, will give you sight on how to help the possessed and how to stay sane. 

Slaughterhouse - Escape Rooms

You are trapped in the Butchers Room at the old abandoned Slaughterhouse.  You must use your wits and teamwork to find the lost item as well as escape the room.  But to do so in 10 minutes, otherwise you'll be gassed and slaughtered by the Butcher himself!  All guests who escape before the time is out with the lost item will win a free admission ticket for the FINAL ESCAPE TORNAMENT held on November 7th. 

Mailing Address

236 Rolling Hills Estate Road, Uniontown, PA 15401