2016 Haunted Hills Estate

By Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park (other events)

21 Dates Through Oct 30, 2016

Prices are per person, per attraction.

The Curse Challenge Trail

Long ago, malevolent witches cast a curse over these shadowy woods. It is up to you to break this wicked curse! As you journey along the ominous trail, you must combine instinct and wit along with your Curse card to defeat the witches! Challenges await you! The more challenges you complete, the closer you come to dissolving the curse. Grab a broom, and fly into The Curse Challenge Trail!

The Twisted Nightmare Escape Room

Step on up! Take your chances! A prize every time! IF you stay alive! Jinxie the Clown is sound asleep, but his alarm is set to go off soon. Can you and your circus troupe turn off the alarm before Jinxie awakes? Be wary! This clown is a killer, and doesn’t like strangers. Once the alarm is off, it’s time to escape Jinxie’s chamber or risk being his next victim!

Legends Hotel

Ding, dong! Check your bags with the creepy bellhop, and enter the eerie Legends Hotel. Serial killers from around the world are all checked in, and they anxiously await your arrival. If you make it to check out time, stop by the souvenir shop where the sales clerk takes body parts on trade for that unique gift for grandma.

Mailing Address

236 Rolling Hills Estate Road, Uniontown, PA 15401